Biography Writing:

Traditional and Online Press & Playlists

We will also use this opportunity to introduce your music to US media, and setup-timed buzz building pieces with such key media outlets as NPR, Rolling Stone, Paste, Consequence of Sound, Nylon, Indie
Source, American Songwriter….and countless music blogs, as well as entertainment sites, lifestyle sites, radio interviews, podcast interviews, guest posts, and special features….to name a few!

Alongside securing traditional features and publicity, we will also focus on specialty press features, radio interviews, podcast interviews, written interviews, playlist pitching across all platforms (Spotify, Apple, Tidal etc).


City Bird can help you find your voice and style across the board, with the help of branding yourself as an artist. By making sure we have a cohesive look and brand across the board, we can consult on your
‘story,’ that works for you, how to bring it out to press, and to make sure we are aligned in style, story and socials. This will help both musically and professionally going out to press and industry alike. We will also
bring your image and vision into the lifestyle realm, breaking outside of the music barriers.

Online Marketing

City Bird Publicity will set up an online campaign tailored to reach the most influential sites identified by us in support of your music and assets. We will create a hot list of websites that include mainstream and underground media outlets, social networking and community sites, as well as blogs.

Each campaign is designed both to introduce your music to various online partners and to and to gain
support among online trendsetters and press outlets. From our introductory contact and delivery of
materials to the follow-up with ongoing updates of news, media, and tour information, we can offer a

consistent message to keep you in the online discussion on influential websites.

Exclusive content is valuable to any promotional campaign. Any available exclusive content will be utilized to secure coverage on popular and highly trafficked websites. Any rare or unreleased performances that may be available are extremely valuable in securing prime coverage.

City Bird Publicity works with artists and labels at varying stages in their career life cycle, and across varying genres and worlds. That said, there is always room for growth and development. That’s why we’re here! There are always more fans to reach out to, more fans and friends to engage and reward, and more potential followers. In addition, we will manage aggressive ongoing series of outreach and information flow
via City Bird PR’s own Facebook, Instagram and other social network platforms, where we reach a wide audience of engaged music fans who trust the company’s recommendation and messaging.

Label Servicing

With many contacts throughout the music industry, City Bird Publicity is able to reach independent, major and mom-and-pop labels on your behalf, with the appropriate assets and presentation. Making our way through an artist’s wishlist of labels, we individually reach out to our contacts, to garner attention, response and hopefully a place on the label’s roster.

Artist Development

Since City Bird Publicity works with a number of indie musicians, some who are just in the early stages of their musical careers, there are times when a band is unsure of how to reach their goals and what steps need to be taken. Services such as helping them build their fanbase on a local, national, and international level, choosing the right promotional photos, what songs to bring out to press, helping land publishing deals and sponsorships, media coaching, etc. are all offered.

Other Services Include:

Press Release Distribution

Social Media Platforms Servicing (Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter)

VPK Creation

Independent Radio Pitching

Podcast Pitching

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