Jargon Party Releases “Surf Rock Anthem 7” via IMPOSE


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Catch the Premiere & Interview on IMPOSE:

 JARGON PARTY is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, Zach Lewis. Originally hailing from Brooklyn, Lewis has recently moved to an Island off of Portland, Maine to create music. Lewis plays all instruments and writes all of the songs for the infectious indie-pop Jargon Party.  The new single “Surf Rock Anthem 7,” has just premiered on IMPOSE, and is laced with dreamy, Summery tones, that flow throughout the track with a bit of retro flare.

Lewis tells IMPOSE of “Surf Rock Anthem 7”:
I feel I must confess that the name is a tad tongue-in-cheek. The song isn’t the seventh in a long series of other surf anthems, but that is a good idea and maybe I should do that. It just encompassed how I was feeling at that time. It was in the middle of the summer and it was insanely hot! I was pretty exhausted, but I couldn’t stop playing, and the song just kind of popped up, with the name and everything, so I kept it.”

Jargon’s Party’s latest self-titled record is available now via Bandcamp.




KIN SHIP Premieres New Single “Golden Dust” via IMPOSE

kin ship

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Catch the Premiere on IMPOSE


New York’s Kin Ship have just premiered their striking new single, “Golden Dust,” via IMPOSE late last week. The vibrant song is laced with singer Conor Belcher’s harmonious vocals, that are smooth yet packed with an unstoppable punch. A surefire way to say good riddance of your Winter blues and kick off Spring, “Golden Dust,” will captivate your ears from the very beginning. Melodic guitars are brightly strummed throughout, which help set the tone for the piece. “Golden Dust,” is off of Kin Ship’s latest release, Where I Live, a stunning collection of songs that follow in the same vein.

Conor Belcher, vocalist and guitarist of Kin Ship tells IMPOSE:

 “Golden Dust” was actually one of the songs I recorded way back in Oly, though it’s gone through countless incarnations since then. The recording process for “Golden Dust” and all of  ‘Where I Live’ was all about taking the best of what we had been doing together, live and otherwise, over the past three years and recording it from our point of view at the time. This was all done in a huge house surrounded by a lot of really close friends during our first summer in Nashville and I feel that the whole record really reflects the way we were living and feeling at the time, culminating with “Golden Dust.” 

 In the summer of 2010, six like minded, young and musical dirty stay outs loose on the streets of Ithaca, NY, found each other. Tiring of traditional debauchery, the group united over a number of demo tapes Belcher had brought from Olympia, WA and retired to a secluded lair. Two years, a number of changes in line up and a near death experience or two later, Kin Ship had relocated full time to Nashville, Tennessee. Now comprised of songwriter Conor Belcher (vocals, guitar), Jesse Wallace (bass guitar), Elliott Weaver (lead guitar), Meghan Wood (keyboard, vocals) and Duncan Shea (drums, vocals), Kin Ship recorded and released their debut LP Where I Live with Denim Records. The rest is Kin Ship. Drawing upon influences ranging from Nilsson to The Kinks and back again, Kin Ship is a last cigarette, a first kiss and what you miss about your father’s record collection. Rock and Roll in the truest sense, this is the soundtrack to the best summer of your life.






Secretary Premiere the Enticing, “The Only Ones” via IMPOSE


“It’s clear that Secretary understands a kind of mystery ad writes their music around it. It’s enticing.”
KEXP Song of the Day

“Taking cues from the somber synth-pop of mid-’80s Fleetwood Mac and the Church, Secretary finds a cozy spot beside it-band of the moment Haim, taking chilly female vocals into dark, spacious terrain.”
City Arts Magazine, Seattle

Listen to and post “The Only Ones” HERE:

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Catch the Premiere on IMPOSE:

Seattle based Secretary have just premiered their latest song on IMPOSE.  This captivating track will draw you in with deep lead vocals layered over ethereal backing vocals and energetic rhythms that will have you rocking out in no time.

Secretary is comprised of members Craig Ellison Wolf (vocals, guitar, Rhodes), Em Maslich (bass/vocals), Max McSimov (guitar), and Luke Yanz (multi-instrumentalist). The group likens their sound to those of Local Natives, Jeff Buckley, and just a touch of early Ra Ra Riot.  Their smooth yet upbeat sound is sure to please whether you’re seeing them live or just tapping along at home.

Starting out as a duo, the band became a foursome in late 2013 after relocating to Seattle from Southern California in 2012. They are already gaining positive reviews from City Arts Magazine Seattle and many members of the blogosphere for their self-titled debut EP.  The beautiful 3-song EP contains the premiere track “The Only Ones” as well as “Words” which was chosen as one of Seattle’s KEXP’s Song of the Day.  The group is currently working on a debut full length album and plans to do an extensive tour to showcase their sound and broaden their audience.

For those who enjoy indie rock “The Only Ones” is a sweet, otherworldly listen that is sure to have wide appeal.


Official Website

Indyns Premiere New Track from “Teen Night” on IMPOSE

indyns2Listen to INDYNS
“How Did We Get From Sex to Gambling”
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 Read the Premiere on IMPOSE Magazine Here:


Brooklyn duo INDYNS are back and stronger than ever. Just launching the premiere of their newest track, “How Did We Get From Sex to Gambling,” on IMPOSE Magazine, the group are ready to intrigue you with their sultry brand of electro-rock-n-roll.

The raw and charismatic track is laced with singer Billy Muncy’s haunting vocals which echo throughout. The combination of Muncy (vocals/guitar/synthesizers) and Ron Boling (bass/synthesizers/beats) is a flawless songwriting combination. “How Did We Get From Sex to Gambling,” is filled with gorgeous synths, vibrant yet dark guitars and hypnotic beats intertwined with scratchy harmonies that add an extra dose of perfection. Together they create a sound so mystical, that you won’t believe your ears.

Boling shared some insight into the piece with IMPOSE during an interview:

Teen Night is the product of a big line up change in the band. Me and Billy had been unhappy with the direction of a lot of new material and started writing demos in my bedroom. We had to figure out how we would tackle new material with only two members. So the synth made that easy. I also bought a loop pedal that can read the midi clock from a master device. So our stage show looks simple but there are a lot of complications that could happen with relying on a pedal as a full fledged member. “How Did We Get from Sex to Gambling” is about a relationship that has been going on for too long. About needing to break it off and being too timid to do so. Billy came up with the name after he and his girlfriend had sex and then almost instantly started playing poker on the floor. He brought the title to me and it fit.”

“How Did We Get From Sex to Gambling,” is from Indyns’ upcoming and highly anticipated EP, “Teen Night,due early 2014.


The Vandelles Featured on The Deli Mag. “Strange Girls Don’t Cry” Out Now!

The Vandelles 1

The Deli Magazine NYC wants YOU to come out to see The Vandelles this Thursday at PIANOS. Don’t miss this incredible performance! http://nyc.thedelimagazine.com/14511/vandelles-are-back-strange-girls-dont-cry-live-pianos-on-0725

You can also head over to Short and Sweet NYC to win a pair of tickets to seeThe Vandelles this Thursday at PIANOS! Enter to win here: http://www.shortandsweetnyc.com/2013/07/contest-win-a-pair-of-tickets-to-see-the-vandelles-pianos-on-thursday-72513/

Their latest record  Strange Girls Don’t Cry is out now, and IMPOSE Magazine has an exclusive stream of the record here: http://www.imposemagazine.com/bytes/stream-the-vandelles-strange-girls-dont-cry-album