Soul Bounce Gives Critical Acclaim to 8th Grader’s Debut EP

This afternoon, buzzworthy site, Soul Bounce, gave 8th Grader’s self-titled debut, a rave review. The title of the piece? 8th Grader Gets ‘It Right’ on his Self -Titled EP. We couldn’t agree more. The debut EP dropped earlier today, and is available on iTunes. Be sure to grab a copy of this phenomenal record, and beContinue reading “Soul Bounce Gives Critical Acclaim to 8th Grader’s Debut EP”

8th Grader Remixes Strangeheart’s “In Another Life” (Approved to Embed and Post)  San Francisco’s own 8th Grader has truly been keeping himself occupied with musical projects lately. The brainchild of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jayson Martinovich is not only prepping to release his latest self-titled effort, 8th Grader, but he has also just unleashed a stunning remix of Strangeheart’s “In Another Life.”Continue reading “8th Grader Remixes Strangeheart’s “In Another Life””