Biography Writing:

 If you are having difficulty writing your own bio or just want a professional to do the job, look no further!  City Bird Publicity’s team is made up of music journalists-turned-publicists who have been published in Relix, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Death + Taxes, Brooklyn Vegan, East Bay Express – among others print publications and websites.  City Bird Publicity knows first-hand what will (and what won’t) get you the attention of editors, music journalists and bloggers.


Press Release Writing & Distribution and Personalized Pitching:

Whether they’re a part of a larger campaign or just standalone pieces, City Bird Publicity crafts effective and intriguing press releases that will capture the attention of important tastemakers.  We use our thousands (and counting) of music industry contacts to garner our clients’ publicity.  With proven results in getting artists onto websites and into magazines such as Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Nylon, Rookie NPR, Consequence of  Sound, Pitchfork, Paste, Relix, Baeble, Magnet, VH1 Blog, NME, The Deli Mag, L Magazine, Performer Magazine, Tom Tom Magazine, among countless others.  We can also help you gain attention in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and even South America.
Tour Press:
City Bird Publicity targets region-specific press outlets and websites to promote your shows.
Social Networking:

A good amount of times artists come to us confused as to what they should be posting on their Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. We help artists find their own voice on these outlets, help them gain new followers and give insight and ideas that will not only grab people’s attention but generate interaction and a constant flow of communication amongst fan and publications alike.

Label Servicing:

With many contacts throughout the music industry, City Bird Publicity is able to reach independent, major and mom-and-pop labels on your behalf, with the appropriate assets and presentation. Making our way through an artist’s wishlist of labels, we individually reach out to our contacts, to garner attention, response and hopefully a place on the label’s roster.

Artist Development:   

Since City Bird Publicity works with a number of indie musicians, some who are just in the early stages of their musical careers, there are times when a band is unsure of how to reach their goals and what steps need to be taken. Services such as helping them build their fanbase on a local, national, and international level, choosing the right promotional photos, what songs to bring out to press, helping land publishing deals and sponsorships, media coaching, etc. are all offered.

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