Watch & Post: “Interpersonal Ethics” 
Refusing to come off the strong reaction to Anesthetic Awareness, BZRK have readied yet another LP for our listening pleasure. The name? Crop Circles.
The group aren’t strangers to strange, but Crop Circles is definitely their most surreal effort to date. In terms of sound, the group gave Cropsey reign over beat-making duties for the album and the difference shows. The resulting sound is full of psychedelic phasers that’ll rewire your brain-waves, sirens that will keep you on edge, and a host of other strange sounds & beats that aren’t like anything in the rap game right now. It’s equally introspective, scary, and damn impressive.
The only thing more otherworldly than the music is the complex narrative that drives the album.  The story starts off chill, but gradually gets more and more aggressive as the narrative distorts time and reality. Within this distortion, the band exposes truths about vices, vision, and voracity that few others have touched on at this level.
So what’s the story? The band is remaining tight-lipped about it, but offers these three clues: 1) the interludes are key; 2)the phone calls are critical and 3)Third Eye G and MacDonald are the main players. These clues alone should warrant multiple listens, conspiracy theories, and maybe even a cult or two to decipher the truth.
In short, Crop Circles is yet another impressive addition into the group’s discography; their flows are tighter, their wordplay is sharper and their ideas are smarter. Crop Circles sees BZRK take another step into the cut without losing their wits, their edge, or their unique chemistry that makes them collectively brilliant.”
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