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Brother and sister duo, THE NATIVE SIBLING, have just released their gorgeous record, Letters Kept to Ourselves, on June 24. The 10-track album is now available via iTunes.

Recently the band also unleashed their captivating new video for “Here With Me,” via The Huffington Post.  The stunning black and white piece is as haunting as it is beautiful, evoking the very spirit of thesong. “Here With Me,” is the newest single from the Santa Cruz brother-sister duo of Ryan and Kaylee Williams.
Growing up beside the inspiring backdrop of the Santa Cruz mountains, Ryan and Kaylee Williams shared a childhood blessed by a nurturing family, but also marred by tragedy of their mother’s death just five years ago. They credit her for instilling in them a passionate spirit and a love of music. Ryan and Kaylee are also heavily influenced by Joy Williams (of the Civil Wars), who was once their nanny and still serves as an inspiration.

Letters Kept to Ourselves is minimal in its acoustic instrumentation, but lush with harmonies and endlessly rich with emotive lyrics. The music seems to conjure up diverse images of sun-drenched California days, the vastness of the ocean and the emptiness of a cold, windy day in Ireland. After releasing their first EP, recorded by a close friend in Santa Monica, the duo toured up and down thecoast, which served to tighten their bond and hone their abilities. In an effort to build upon their momentum, they started a Kickstarter campaign and sought out New York producer Daniel Mendez(Noah Gundersen, Dashboard Confessional, Heart) to make their first full-length album. Ryan and Kaylee took a leap of faith and holed up at Mendez’ Brooklyn studio for a full two months. Fortunately, it was the precise chemistry they had been looking for. As Ryan explains, “Daniel listened to what we do naturally, found the best parts and brought them to the forefront of this album. He gave us the perspective to realize what we are capable of creating. I’ll never forget him saying, ‘If I do my job right, nobody will know I was even here.’”

The result is the meticulously crafted and sonically beautiful Letters Kept To Ourselves.

The Native Sibling plans to tour extensively in 2014 with a full band, and are in the process of releasing a collection of videos in support of Letters Kept To Ourselves.

Release Date: June 24, 2014
1. Darkest of Night Skies
2. Carry You
3. Here With Me
4. Let the Water Rise
5. Evening’s Wake
6. Right Here For You
7. Place to Rest / Keep on Running
8. Oh, Sing
9. Skin and Bone
10. All Remains


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