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Listen & Post: Luna Aura “Radio”

Luna Aura’s “Radio” is a cosmic dream-pop ballad fused with an underground hip-hop beat, and laden with one of Aura’s best hooks. The chorus is so naturally infectious, and impossible to forget with lyrics like, “You got me hooked like a song on the radio / beat so good boy, I can’t let you go.“Radio” showcases Aura’s vocal range as haunting harmonies and trippy synths collide to create an epic pop masterpiece.According to Aura, “Radio,” which she had written and co-produced, is about falling in love too quickly, but refusing to slow down the process.

It’s that feeling you get when you hear a hit song on the radio for the first time,” Aurastates about the track. “It’s not always considered ‘cool’ to admit you like a song on the radio, but if a hook has you enamored, you can’t help but replay it over and over. This song is about falling in love the same way: instantly struck and hopelessly obsessed.”

Aura finished recording Luna Aura this spring at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles and is set to release the EP on iTunes, August 26. As an established singer/songwriter,Aura’s EP ranges in emotions, genres and tempos. Her love for hip-hop has a strong presence on this record as she daringly raps on a song called “Blow.” Her yearning love ballad “Eyes,” pulls together melancholic piano chords and heavy trance sounds, proving Aura is a not your ordinary pop chanteuse, she is in fact from out of this world.

Luna Aura is a singer, songwriter & producer of cosmic hip-hop electronica, sent from outer space to Phoenix, Arizona with sounds of rebellion, enchantment and seduction.Aura bends genres as she boldly blends R&B with trap beats and trippy synths, mixing in refreshing indie sounds with Top 40 hooks. Her lyrics contain statements on youth, pop culture and feminism and her obsession with hip-hop culture stays true with profound lyrics of self-identification and bold proclamations.

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