AERS Debut “Blue Tempest” via Redefine Magazine

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AERS is Tasha Abbott and Zack Nestel-Patt, currently based out of Brooklyn, New York. Their stunning arrangements liken the sounds of Grizzly Bear and Sigur Ros, channeling both as influences. The group has just premiered the dreamy, lustworthy track, “Blue Tempest,” via Redefine Magazine.

“Blue Tempest,” is a gracious first glimpse into AERS’ upcoming record due out later this Fall. The debut EP release, Blue Tempest, sets the scenery for the band’s haunting  tones that grace the record throughout. On “Blue Tempest,” Abbott’s voice lingers with dreamy lyrics, which paints a bold and sultry soundscape. Powerful yet graceful, her voice captivates delving deeper into the track. Nestel-Patt helps to build the song with layers of dark textures, bringing the piece to fruition. The sound of AERSwill stop you dead in your tracks; be prepared to fall in love with every listen.

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AERS, a collaboration between Tasha Abbott and Zack Nestel-Patt based in
Brooklyn, NY, creates music that speaks to the ethereal. Made with a conscious
effort to bridge electric and acoustic sounds, the songs layer instruments and
textures to swirl around the dark poeticism of the lyrics. Influenced by artist such
as Grizzly Bear, Sigur Ros, and Linda Perhacs, AERS uses ambient electric
guitars and dreamy strings to create an other worldly sonic landscape, one of
mystic atmosphere that is darkly cathartic. Each song provokes one to question
while also providing comfort and warmth.

AERS’ debut EP, Blue Tempest, produced by Patrick Canaday (Moons) is a
collection of 5 songs that are all deeply personal. The inherent poetry in AERS’
songwriting is underscored by the darker textures and ghostly sounds that run
through the EP. As Allston Pudding says, “The hypnotic vocals of lead singer
Tasha Abbott combined with the ambient [arrangements] of Zack Nestel-Patt,
create a unique soundscape perfect for daydreaming.”

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