KIN SHIP Premieres New Single “Golden Dust” via IMPOSE

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New York’s Kin Ship have just premiered their striking new single, “Golden Dust,” via IMPOSE late last week. The vibrant song is laced with singer Conor Belcher’s harmonious vocals, that are smooth yet packed with an unstoppable punch. A surefire way to say good riddance of your Winter blues and kick off Spring, “Golden Dust,” will captivate your ears from the very beginning. Melodic guitars are brightly strummed throughout, which help set the tone for the piece. “Golden Dust,” is off of Kin Ship’s latest release, Where I Live, a stunning collection of songs that follow in the same vein.

Conor Belcher, vocalist and guitarist of Kin Ship tells IMPOSE:

 “Golden Dust” was actually one of the songs I recorded way back in Oly, though it’s gone through countless incarnations since then. The recording process for “Golden Dust” and all of  ‘Where I Live’ was all about taking the best of what we had been doing together, live and otherwise, over the past three years and recording it from our point of view at the time. This was all done in a huge house surrounded by a lot of really close friends during our first summer in Nashville and I feel that the whole record really reflects the way we were living and feeling at the time, culminating with “Golden Dust.” 

 In the summer of 2010, six like minded, young and musical dirty stay outs loose on the streets of Ithaca, NY, found each other. Tiring of traditional debauchery, the group united over a number of demo tapes Belcher had brought from Olympia, WA and retired to a secluded lair. Two years, a number of changes in line up and a near death experience or two later, Kin Ship had relocated full time to Nashville, Tennessee. Now comprised of songwriter Conor Belcher (vocals, guitar), Jesse Wallace (bass guitar), Elliott Weaver (lead guitar), Meghan Wood (keyboard, vocals) and Duncan Shea (drums, vocals), Kin Ship recorded and released their debut LP Where I Live with Denim Records. The rest is Kin Ship. Drawing upon influences ranging from Nilsson to The Kinks and back again, Kin Ship is a last cigarette, a first kiss and what you miss about your father’s record collection. Rock and Roll in the truest sense, this is the soundtrack to the best summer of your life.






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