Indyns Premiere New Track from “Teen Night” on IMPOSE

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“How Did We Get From Sex to Gambling”
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 Read the Premiere on IMPOSE Magazine Here:

Brooklyn duo INDYNS are back and stronger than ever. Just launching the premiere of their newest track, “How Did We Get From Sex to Gambling,” on IMPOSE Magazine, the group are ready to intrigue you with their sultry brand of electro-rock-n-roll.

The raw and charismatic track is laced with singer Billy Muncy’s haunting vocals which echo throughout. The combination of Muncy (vocals/guitar/synthesizers) and Ron Boling (bass/synthesizers/beats) is a flawless songwriting combination. “How Did We Get From Sex to Gambling,” is filled with gorgeous synths, vibrant yet dark guitars and hypnotic beats intertwined with scratchy harmonies that add an extra dose of perfection. Together they create a sound so mystical, that you won’t believe your ears.

Boling shared some insight into the piece with IMPOSE during an interview:

Teen Night is the product of a big line up change in the band. Me and Billy had been unhappy with the direction of a lot of new material and started writing demos in my bedroom. We had to figure out how we would tackle new material with only two members. So the synth made that easy. I also bought a loop pedal that can read the midi clock from a master device. So our stage show looks simple but there are a lot of complications that could happen with relying on a pedal as a full fledged member. “How Did We Get from Sex to Gambling” is about a relationship that has been going on for too long. About needing to break it off and being too timid to do so. Billy came up with the name after he and his girlfriend had sex and then almost instantly started playing poker on the floor. He brought the title to me and it fit.”

“How Did We Get From Sex to Gambling,” is from Indyns’ upcoming and highly anticipated EP, “Teen Night,due early 2014.


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